Welcome to the Western Linux Users Group. For the GNU advocate in you, feel free to refer to this as the Western GNU/Linux Users Group, or some variant thereof that would make the FSF content.

As the name implies, this site is largely based at the University of Western Ontario. This, however, does not imply that the group is restricted to students. In fact, resources are provided to the group through Skynet, an organization based outside of the university, and some of our more prominent members are not currently enrolled students (me!). Please, feel free to come to the meetings, regardless of your current status. Industry professionals are welcome!


The group is currently acting under informal authority, in other words, we have no defined executive commitee. We feel that this is an accurate way to run a GNU/Linux users group because it materializes >Eric S. Raymond's bazaar model of software development, but within the context of a social structure. Of course, this is just blather, to indicate that either a) we're too lazy to develop an exec, or b) our members are too busy to act as execs, or c) both a) and b) are true.

Regardless of our executive structure, we have taken it upon our collective minds to gravitate towards a single location, on what might be deemed a regular basis. Thus, we have a meeting schedule:

The first monthly meeting is held on the first Monday of every month, barring a holiday, in which circumstance it is postponed for one week. The second monthly meeting is held on the third Wednesday of every month. Do holidays occur on Wednesdays? If so, and this occurs, then the meeting will be postponed for one week.

Sorry, we can't sum it up any more concisely than that. We can do this though:

Next two meetings:

Mailing List

This is perhaps the crucial part of WLUG, our mailing list. This is our lifeblood, the means by which our collective mindsets become one. Yadda, yadda, just join the list... that's where you'll get help, pass information, and be annoyed by all the useless data that passes into your inbox. More information can be found here.

Since the WLUG is a fairly mature group, we also have archives, where you'll be able to see what we've talked about in the past, the discussions that have degraded into flames, and the help people have received.


Well, this is a temporary section (until the site grows enough to break it off into more links, etc). Basically, a thread has broken out (as of today, November 6th, 2002) on the list that includes numerous links to web comics, and a few people have suggested that it'd be nice to have a listing of all the comics on our website. So, here it is:



Derek Cunningham
November 6th, 2002

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